Introducing RxJS - Reactive Extensions for JavaScript

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Reactive Extensions for Javascript have arrived
. Hello RxJS!! 

You can now use Rx combinators in JavaScript. RxJS provides easy to use conversions from existing DOM, XmlHttpRequest and jQuery events to Rx push-collections, allowing users to seamlessly plug Rx
into their existing JavaScript-based web sites. Great. What does this mean, exactly? As you know by now, Rx is a library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs using observable collections.

Here, Rx developer Jeffrey Van Gogh explains (and demonstrates) what you can do with RxJS, how he ported Rx to JavaScript and more.

Be sure to check out Erik's excellent session at MIX10

Tune in.



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    The Discussion

    • ShinNoNoir

      Hmm, it seems currently the Internet tubes are clogged. The download speed doesn't exceed 25 KB/s.

    • Richard.Hein

      I having problems  tonight as well.

    • aL_

      me too..

      actually ive been having bandwidth problems with c9 for a while (~2 weeks)

      im in sweden btw Smiley

    • kouphax

      Can;t watch it (eventual "Media Failure") nor download it bit of a pain.

    • Richard.Hein

      Same here.  Stops less than halfway through then I cannot continue.

    • Charles

      Sorry about the problems. We are looking into it.


      Same problems here. By the way, skipping to another point in the video in the silverlight viewer has never worked reliably for me. Per skip there's a high probablity that it hangs, and then you have to reload. Is that just me, or other people too?

    • aL_

      havnet been able to watch this one yet :/

      also, the mix site seems to be having bandwidth issues as well, lots of people trying to get those wp7 and ie9 vids Smiley i know i am


      a good problem to have i guess Smiley

    • Richard.Hein

      I don't usually have too much trouble at home.  At work I get the media failure message a lot, but that only started happening about 6 months ago.  However, over this last week Channel9 seems to be getting less responsive overall, and I am having lots more trouble with the videos and it's been really slow to even post a message.


      Update:  I downloaded the small WMV but it stops dead at 4:35.

    • Charles

      These issues are actively being addressed. Sorry for the incovenience. We'll get it sorted out. Thanks for your patience Smiley In the meantime, download the code:

    • aL_

      hey man, channel9 cant help that it rocks and that everyone wants the content Wink

      maybe that downloader for all the mix sessions mike swanson is whats draining all the bandwidth..

      it would be interesting to have a video about how channel9 is hosted and how you post content, but maybe everyone isnt as nerdy as me Wink

    • Richard.Hein

      The stream is working now for me ... now I can watch the rest before work ... thanks!

    • Richard.Hein

      Finally finished it.  Smiley  It's really great to see Microsoft continuing to invest (and has accelerated investment, it seems) in Javascript and HTML, and innovate.  Things that I would never have had time to justify even trying, are made possible by Rx, frankly.  I haven't done much Javascript in the past 2 years but before that it I was working on asynch encryption, where the client wanted certain fields on chosen forms to be encrypted, such that you had to enter in a key to decrypt them, and after 15 mins or a configured time, encrypt the fields again (yes, I know it's not really secure ... it's just to help keep people from reading personal data on desktops that should be locked when the user is away ... but that's what they wanted).


    • MarkS

      Are you going to provide a version of rx.js that is not obfuscated and min'd? Also, a -vsdoc file would be very helpful, CHM files are so 90's.

    • Charles


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