Introducing the IE9 Developer Platform Preview

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Get your hands on the IE9 developer platform preview!

The IE team has been very busy working on the next version of Internet Explorer, aka IE 9. Today, you can get your hands on a developer preview and experience the joys surfing on metal with GPU powered HTML5. Yep, that's HTML5. Microsoft loves HTML5 and CSS 3.

Here, IE GM Dean Hachamovitch and Rob Mauceri discuss how they're taking IE to a new level with all graphic rendering taking place on the GPU via the DirectX technology D2D and a new JavaScript engine that compiles JavaScript to machine code and can do this in a way that takes advantage of multi-core architectures (you will learn much more about this in the coming weeks..).

Summary: IE9, which you can get in your hands now in the form of a developer preview, enables you to exploit the power of the GPU in ways you already understand (CSS, HTML, JavaScript).

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The Discussion

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    Sven Groot

    This shows the same kind of text blurriness that you also get in WPF sometimes due to the sub-pixel positioning. Honestly, all text just looks weird to me in this preview. I hope this gets sorted out before the final release.

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    And as I can see it does NOT support HTML5 Canvas yet?


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    You can download the preview and see for yourself!


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    The platform preview installs side by side with Internet Explorer 8 so that you can try it without replacing the full version of Internet Explorer that comes with Windows. This third release of the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview will install over the prior versions. There is no need to uninstall the earlier builds before installing the third.  You’ll also find more information on what’s included in this release of the Platform Preview in the Release Notes, including known and resolved issues.

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    good video discussion about IE9,.

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    Thanks for the link,..

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    The platform preview feels and works great.

    Its very nice to see the GPU being put to good use .


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    @Charles: thanks for the news

    @peter :Thanks for share your experience,.

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    I hope Internet Explorer,. to Be Better than the older version,.

    So, I can Use it as my browser,. ty.

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    P.J. Hermida

    Question: I installed IE 9 Beta and also (by accident) the Platform Review. How do I un-install the PReview?

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