Istvan Cseri and Nigel Ellis: SQL Server Data Services Architecture

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The Discussion

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    From architectural footprint, what about removable medias? Microsoft attempts to extend I/O design of removable media specifications, and a proactive Windows group is supposed to investigate I/O management biased by removable media interfaces going into open industrial standards.

    • Ideally sales volume and business interfaces of removable media lead conception of lifeline in consumer segment, in which personal and collaboration computing live. SQL Server mobile has scale infinity in a scenario, so what about mobility on removable media?
    • Ironical S+S implementation may supply vary software controls without virtual business development in marketplace, and the software architects of Microsoft should have to come at value added S+S which means SQL Server and Windows differentiation of technical marketing survival.

    Mobile device may have connected functions for Data Services, what so? Being not innovative part of Data access, but business performer may demand cheap and intelligent device software.

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