JAOO 2007: Glenn Vanderburg - Dynamic Languages and More

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I recently got the chance to attend JAOO in Aarhus, Denmark. Besides learning a great amount about various approaches to solving hard problems that we all face as programmers (regardless of the stack we spend most of our time developing on), I got to meet so many interesting people from all walks of programmer life. What a great conference! For one thing, JAOO is not about specific products. It's not about one company's view of the world. It's not about one class of technologies or developer. It's not just about Java and LAMP or .NET and Windows...

Glenn Vanderburg is an independent consultant and dynamic langauges champion. I caught up with him to discuss what makes dynamic languages like Ruby so popular. We also address the importance of learning many different programming languages as a way to expand your mind.



The Discussion

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    From Death Star to Mother Ship--nice scale down!

    The kinder, gentler Microsoft. Wink


    Ruby on Rails vs .NET - Commercial #9



    Looks like Visual Basic and C# are moving up as is Ruby.

    Oct 2007
    Oct 2006
    Delta in Position Programming Language Ratings
    Oct 2007
    Oct 2006
    1 1 Java 21.616% +0.44%   A
    2 2 C 14.591% -3.07%   A
    3 5 (Visual) Basic 11.166% +1.44%   A
    4 3 C++ 9.584% -1.48%   A
    5 4 PHP 9.498% -0.36%   A
    6 6 Perl 5.351% -0.12%   A
    7 8 C# 3.740% +0.68%   A
    8 7 Python 3.433% -0.03%   A
    9 9 JavaScript 2.685% +0.48%   A
    10 13 Ruby 2.386% +1.30%   A
    11 12 PL/SQL 1.966% +0.87%   A
    12 15 D 1.594% +0.96%   A
    13 10 Delphi 1.539% -0.61%   A
    14 11 SAS 1.383% -0.67%   A
    15 14 ABAP 0.849% +0.20%   A-
    16 18 COBOL 0.683% +0.14%   B
    17 48 Lua 0.596% +0.53%   B
    18 16 Lisp/Scheme 0.572% -0.05%   B
    19 17 Ada 0.559% 0.00%   B
    20 21 Fortran 0.446% +0.05%   B


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    Ion Todirel
    its always nice to hear from people outside Microsoft, i hope we get more of those
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    In terms of software composability, I would say, it's more about the programmer writing good code, rather than a new programming language.

    I think the two most important aspects of writing good composable software is A) interfaces and B) reflection.

    That's all you need.  Then, in your house example at the end, if you have a component that implements an interface, all you have to do is rewrite it or write something completely new and call the new component instead of the old one, or use a factory pattern.

    Thanks, Justin

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