James Senior: Introducing Web Camps

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The Discussion

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    Whenever I try to go to http://www.webcamps.ms, it prompts me to download the HTML, rather than view it in the browser.  Is there a MIME type issue with your Web server (or my proxy)?


    EDIT: Problem resolved; the site comes up fine.  Looking forward to this!

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    Weird. What browser are you using? Any other details of your configuration? Renders fine for me.


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    That sounds like an awesome event - especially the second day!


    I have heard in the video that the event is completly free. However, I canot see this from the web site http://www.webcamps.ms alone. May be I am just too stupid to see that or may be it is really not there.


    However, you may want to make this "little fact" more obvious! Smiley



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    Great events !

    I'm from Portugal and the nearest country for me is England.

    By the way, there is an issue with reCaptcha key on Web Events for London.

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