Jason Zander: Perspectives on Visual Studio 2008 and the Future of VS

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With Visual Studio 2010 beta 1 out the door and available for your coding pleasure, we figured it would be a great time to talk to
Jason Zander about Visual Studio 2008, which has been available since, well, 2008. VS2008 introduced a lot of new technologies for developers to add to their arsenal. Which ones are successful? Which ones aren't being used as much as anticipated?
Of course, we also talk about the upcoming version of VS, VS 2010 (How could we not?). Jason is a developer at heart. He has code in Windows, in the CLR and other big shipping products. Last I talked to him, he ran the CLR team (and you've

seen Jason many time on C9 over the years
). Now he runs Visual Studio. Let's find out what's on his mind...



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The Discussion

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    I'd love to test out TFS, but there are of course some hurdles. I don't have a separate server to install TFS on, I don't have 10.000 U$ to spend on the product. Source control, build systems are becoming standards in a developers toolbox but TFS isn't easily available for poor developers such as myself.

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    I wish you included  this "easy bug filing" you talk about in VS2010 B1 in the "Report a Bug" command.

    The process right now is tedious and I have filed over 15 bus for B1 so far, but I seriously don't feel like filing anything anymore because of all the steps I have to do (take video, type steps, fill info, etc..)

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    Recording execution (at various levels of granularity) is a native capability of Windows 7. Same will be true for VS, as Jason energetically revealed.

    Please keep finding and submitting bugs. I'll see to it that your feedback on the mechanics and experience of bug filing get to the precise individual (Jason, actually, is a great first stop Smiley) capable of doing something about it.

    Keep on Testing (do see the latest WM_IN for some interesting conversation on the Test discipline, if you're a developer, PM, or tester),


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    Thanks Charles, appreciated.

    I have been reporting every single issue I have been encountering so far with VS2010 B1, and the QA team has been good to deal with.

    They ask for proof a lot of times, and I have to go back and repro with a video capture...and I am a developper, so I am not enjoying any of this use of my time, but I know that in the end, it is time well spend as it will make the product more solid for I and others.

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    Thank you for the great job testing/reporting and for your committment to ensuring we release a solid product. Your effort is very much appreciated by the VS team. Of that you can be sure!

    Thank you,



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    sean e

    "it doesn't hang or crash" - that's the bar these days?

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