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Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate is here
! Your Beta 2 feedback has been
helpful to the engineering team. A big Thank You from Visual Studio!

Here, Visual Studio General Manager Jason Zander sits down with us to discuss how the Visual Studio engineering team addressed your Beta 2 feedback and made some helpful updates
to the
Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate
. Jason even demos some of the improvements made in the VS 2010 RC — and on quite a modest PC.

Jason and his team went to great lengths to improve the overall experience of writing applications inside VS 2010. Performance. Performance. Performance... Of course, Jason and team want you to have the final word regarding whether the updates hit the mark,
so please download the RC and take it for a test drive. Your feedback is critical to the VS team and they thank you, as always.



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    The Discussion

    • tomkirbygre​en

      Awesome. I have wanted to love Dev 10, but the IDE perf and stability of Beta 2 kept getting in the way, then Windows 7 came along and set the standard for beautiful software with wonderful performance. So I've been really looking forward to this RC and hope it's the build that finally lets me uninstall Visual Studio 2008 - at least on my box at home. Kudos to the teams involved for all their hard work.


      [Updated. Big thank you to Rico and the rest of the VS team, the performance of the RC is sweet. Visual Studio 2008 came off my laptop this morning and '2010 is my default, go-to, dev tool. Windows 7 + Visual Studio 2010, life is good!]

    • PerfectPhase

      Is there a Silverlight 4 build to go with the RC?

    • Charles

      You mean like SL4 RC? Smiley I don't think so....


    • mabster

      I notice that the Express editions haven't yet entered RC - the download page at still lists Beta 2. Any idea when we'll see those RCs released?

    • Matthew Arkin

      Cool, I wish I could download it now, but this hard drive is on its last limbs, waiting for the new one to come. 

    • smithkl42

      Or rather, does anyone know if the current Silverlight 4 beta bits will work with the new Visual Studio 2010 RC?  I'd heard from someone inside MS that they didn't work with some of the interim builds, and about all I'm doing these days is Silverlight 4, so it'd be nice to know before I uninstall Beta 2.

    • smithkl42

      ScottGu tweeted: "Support for Silverlight 4 with the VS 2010 RC will show up with next public SL4 drop (and so is not yet enabled with today's bits)".  Next obvious question: "When will the Silverlight 4 bits get refreshed?"

    • Charles

      Scott would undoubtedly know that answer as well Smiley Stay tuned...

    • tomkirbygre​en

      On the whole Silverlight 4 / .NET 4 front there is the Expression Blend 4 preview. This has been designed to work against Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 - not sure if it's good for the RC. Charles, do you know?




    • Charles

      I think Scott would have caught that... You'll need to wait until the next SL4 release, it appears.


    • larsw



       Will the Windows AppFabric bits work with the .NET 4.0 RC?



    • SeriousM
    • pompomJuice

      Does anyone have the inside scoop on when we will see the next SL4 drop that works with this RC0? I cannot imagine people using VS candidates and betas for much else than playing around web development, and maybe some entity framework stuff. And now the RC does not support that? Strange days.


      Currently all new Greenfields web development is in limbo. Migrating a proper (RIA,PRISM,MEF,CLOG,) SL3 app from 2008 to SL4 2010 is going to be very nightmarish. At least it was so for me with VS 2010 Beta 2 + SL4... to many changes. Multi-targetting between SL3 & SL4 in the beta was a proper disaster. 


      Therefore I am stuck in development limbo, lying to the authorities and developing my new WEB apps in vs2010 beta 2 + SL4 hoping that when the WEB site is supposed to go live, M$ has released at least a GO LIVE on SL4. If not I am in big trouble.


    • Michael Price

      I'm sorry, but I just find the idea that the VS2010 Betas and RC are good only for web development (oh and maybe the Entity Framework) laughable.  Ever heard of C++?

    • Prashant516

      Do you guys have any plans to realese express editions for F#? It's really hard for students to buy commercial/developer licence Sad

    • JasonZ

      Two common q&a:


      1. The currently release SL4 drop does not work with VS2010 RC.  A refresh is in the works, stay tuned.


      2. We did not release the Express editions with the RC as all the same functionality (and of course more) exist in what we did drop.  We will ship Express editions with RTM.


      After you have a chance to install the RC and kick the tires, make sure to fill out the survey and let us know what you think:

    • n4cer

      I'd guess sometime around March 15th (Mix) would be a likely time for the next SL4 drop unless MS has SL-related plans for Mobile World Congress. Even if they do, I'd expect only an announcement there with code following at Mix.

    • Evok


    • Blue Ink

      The improvements in the UI are awesome, thanks for the great job.


      The only thing I am not really happy with is the Add Reference dialog that is mentioned in the video... true, the window now appears immediately, so the UI feels snappier, but since the list is left accessible while it is being populated and there is no definite visual clue indicating when it's done, I found myself trying to navigate it too early. The resulting experience can be described as trying to grab a bar of soap in a bathtub...

    • Moemeka


        it looks like something is broken here.  In Beta 2, dynamic anonymous types passed between assemblies worked fine, in this version I get a RuntimeBindingException.  Even though I am able to use reflection to access the properties, they are unavailable through the dynamic keyword.  Is this new behaviour or a bug?

    • Moemeka

      I think this must be a feature of some kind, or an edge case I just missed.  I could have sworn that I used this without having to do anything else to get it to work.  As it stands, it seems that the called assembly must grant the caller Internal visibility for the dynamic magic to now work.  Since standard reflection continues to function I must assume this is some type of implementation detail related to how dynamic now works.

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