Javed Sikander: Office 2007- Office Business Application

Play Javed Sikander: Office 2007- Office Business Application

The Discussion

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    Good Presentation.

    Few Comments + Questions for Javed

    1. When you are speaking about product at such high-level, its better to have a picture of the architecure or white board it

    2. Having few screen shots of few applications whiere you said this product will be helpful, would have explained the things better

    3. Any customer-base (Industry) who have used this tool, if you could have shared that info. that would have been a value

    4. Can you demo a real-life example (please do not demo a dummy data), would love to see a real-life example

    5. Can your product merge with other technologies (non-MS Technologies)

    6. Would love to hear more about customization involved in base-product, to meet customers requirement.

    7. What are the dependencies, can we get some additional information (Share Point, SQL Server, Office 2007..... and .....?)

    8. Still sounded like a "Small Businesss Server" application, rather than "Enterprise Application"

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    Thanks for the feedback, this was very impromptu and meant to be a teaser. If you follow the link to the OBA RAP page: https://msdn.microsoft.com/architecture/office/oba/rap/scm/

    you will find a detail architetcure document, power point presentations with user and dev experience and bits to download with installation and dependencies inforation
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    Hi Javed

    I looked at the Bits for the OBA RAP. I don;t understand is the Outlook ADD-IN calling BDC using the Sharepoint server API (SharePoint.ApplicationRegistry).  I assume the Outlook client will not have Sharepoint server installed on its machine.  In that case how can we use Sharepoint API to access BDC from Outlook Client. Am I missing something here.  Could you please clarify.


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    There is hardly any substancial message delivered through this video.
    The level at which it was presented is highly unimaginable.

    How is it different from having sharepoint deployment with office exposed as the frontend. Is this integration being termed as OBA now?

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