Jim Thill and James Clarke: Understanding Expression Encoder

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    Thanks for the update.

    Need a demo for designers that are not developers to show how easy it is to publish an app or video using Blend and/or Expression Media Encoder.

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    Wow i love this new encoder, this is like windows media encoder on steroids to the next generation... But what i REALLY REALLY wanna see is a demo of say a news feed with tickers and stuff all from a live feed with asp.net or something feeding the xaml information, you know live video with a swap out to prerecorded and then back allt he time with tickers and watermarks Smiley
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    There's a mention of flickering at around 18:30.

    The flicker isn't because of whatever the refresh rate is since it's an lcd. If it wasn't matched to the lcd you'd see tearing not flickering.

    The flicker is because the dude has dimmed the LCD down from full brightness setting and there's chip modulating the backlight so it's not always lit.

    This is my pet peeve with CCFL backlighting because if you're sensitive to it you can feel/notice it on all CCFL lights when dimmed which is why Halogen/led lighting is much more preferred.

    And if you're really sensitive you can still feel the CCFL effect even if it's at full brightness. I'm not sure whether it's due to the wavelengths of the light or if there's actually still some flickering even at full brightness that you can't pick up without very expensive equipment.

    I'm not sure how they handle dimming in LED backlighted displays but I believe it's not pwm.
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    There's a nice tutorial video of the Expression Encoder done by Ben Waggoner (who doesn't seem to like talking with his hands Smiley) that explains allot of the features in this product.

    I love the A/B preview feature with the yellow line and splitscreen. It's like the Adobe "Save For Web" plugin but for video and a bit fancier.

    Ben has a good voice for this kind of stuff and kind of sounds like a less goofy Deke McClelland.

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