Joe Stegman: Silverlight 4 - Out of Browser Evolves

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Joe Stegman, Director of Program Management on the Silverlight team, joins us to discuss Silverlight 4's Out of Browser improvements (OOB means you can run Silverlight applications on the desktop, outside of, well, the browser...). Of note, you can now interop with COM objects in SL4's OOB. We also touch on the the future of Silverlight and clearly define the distinctions/differences between Silverlight and WPF. When to use SL? When to use WPF?




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    The Discussion

    • VengenceBot

      any word on expanding the OOB data storage? Or maybe link it to a central data server?

      Not to clear on how the Cross-Platform will be able to function as a OOB! Did you add new programming to SL4 for COM objects, or is Silverlight now able to read COM Objects?

    • Harlequin

      I think they said in a PDC interview that the HTML Silverlight control was out of browser only. I can see for security purposes for hosting other sites, but why can't it work in browser if the HTML being served is on your own server? Seems like a sweet control was added, and rendered useless.

    • fjkish

      Mp3 download not working for me....what am I going to listen too on my drive home now?

    • vesuvius

      I like the pastel to the right of "Steggers"

    • Charles

      I just tried it and it works. What error are you receiving?

    • wizardmatt

      I agree give me cross database options for OOB and I wouldn't write another line of code that wasn't for silverlight. lol I love silverlight and I love the OOB options. I however am dreaming of the day I can send down a silverlight OOB that brings along a cross platform (sql like database), for local storage, that I allow the OOB to auto synch up with my central database when the user connects. Would give me a ton of options for applications. Would allow me to make my own "google gear isk" applications where the user runs the app online, hits OOB option, does what they want offline, comes back online and poof synch back to the cloud / centeral storage for long term / backed up / managed storage. Now the other problem is making that local data store cross platform, so it works on MAC / Linux / ETC not exactly sql express but some form of cross platform database,, or allow me a selection of standard options for datastorage locally. Do that and I be in heaven. lol If not able to install the database atleast setup a config file to access currently installed one / etc. Streamline that process and I think we all be building apps to put google apps to shame. Especially now that we have COM access. Silverlight budget software that  can directly with 1 button export open and run excel for you. Oh the possiblities even with just having the file access that is possible, just rather not fill a file system with xml as a means of local customized storage.

    • rgruchalski

      I love where and how you are going with Silverlight guys. I remember being in Bellevue 2 years ago and learning Silverlight 1! And we are talking webcam/mic support, printing support (which knocked out printing in Flash anyway) and many more innovative features.

      I agree on data storage options. I would love to see MSSQL CE support, AFAIR the driver is pretty small, maybe it could be included in SL4? Would be really great if it would allow creating SQL CE databases in IsolatedStorage.


      @wizardmat, on Windows you could try COM wrapper for SQLite?

    • Ashith Raj

      Biggest applause at PDC09 was for Silverlight 4 beta Facebook application. where do we get this app?

    • Keops


      I think this is what you are looking for. Big Smile


    • ZippyV

      Does COM access work on OSX?

    • rgruchalski

      Is COM supported on OSX? I don't think so Smiley

    • WinInsider

      Is HTML dead yet? 


      JavaScript + HTML + CSS + Stateless server + PostBack String Values = Crappy Developer Experience

    • PaoloM

      I understand it will be released with the SL4 final bits.

    • Charles

      This doesn't appear to reflect the reality of the situation. Apparently, JS, HTML, CSS are, in concert, the development language of the client web experience. There are many layers of the web of course, but these three rule and will continue to rule as the basic development constructs used to build what we experience in our browsers most often....


      Silverlight is a new way to compose the web client experience that has a bright future. This doesn't mean that HTML, JS, CSS will or need to die for Silverlight to be successful. You can reflect on why this is an accurate hypothesis..


    • sqo

      for OOB mode you can use as local database siaqodb - .

      It uses IsolatedStorage so it can be used also on Mac machines. Data stored can be easy accessed via LINQ and objects are stored with just one line of code.

    • raj2010

      Is there a way to make the chrome transparent for the OOB Silverlight 4 applications? ie i want its to be chromeless?

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