John Bocharov and Hank Janssen: Introduction to SQL Server Driver for PHP (SQLPHP)

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SQL Team Says:

"The SQL Server Driver for PHP (October 2007) Community Technology Preview (CTP) is designed to enable reliable, scalable integration with SQL Server for PHP applications deployed on the Windows platform. The Driver for PHP is a PHP 5 extension that allows the reading and writing of SQL Server data from within PHP scripts. It provides a procedural interface for accessing data in all Editions of SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2000 (including Express Edition), and makes use of PHP features, including PHP streams to read and write large objects."

Wow. This is cool. Need to find out more about this. What exactly is this thing? Why did we create it? What are the platform requirments? Is it open source? Who are the folks behind this? You know the C9 drill. Tune in and meet SQLPHP Program Manager John Bocharov and Microsoft Open Source champion Hank Janssen who answer a bunch of questions and provide good context about the thinking behind SQLPHP, history and future.



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    The Discussion

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      They needed a day and a half to get phpbb to work with MSSQL when it already does and has for years?Perplexed
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      Doesn’t PHP already have support for MSSQL?

      Wish I worked at microsoft so I could spend all day creating crappy API's people don’t want or need. Just to continue my rant, what has Microsoft actual created of late that could be considered ground breaking? Vista, IE, Windows Mobile, Office, any of their attempts at anti-spyware virus protection stuff, all fell far below my expectations, and are all terrible pieces of software. I can’t believe with the amount of money microsoft has, and supposedly the geniuses behind their software I see far more innovation and quality applications from the open source community.

      With exception to the Visual Studio IDE which is constantly getting better.

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      For this video, (as for many others), I am unable to get the "Full Screen" link to work.   I can run the "Download" link, but it takes forever to download by comparison.

        WMP 11 results in this message on the Full Screen link:

      Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file.  For additional assistance, click Web Help.

      This error might have been triggered by an error in another program or component of Windows. The following information describes the original error.

      Original Error Code

      Original Error Message


      The request is invalid in the current state.

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      I am not having any problems streaming the file when clicking on FullScreen button (it really should not be though of as Full Screen since the file is not encoded thus... We will change that link to make sense...).


      I think you meant to navigate to Slashdot. Your points are pointless. Got anything useful to say? Feedback is always appreciated. Predictable UsVersusThem ramblings are never interesting...


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      Charles wrote:

      I am not having any problems streaming the file when clicking on FullScreen button (it really should not be though of as Full Screen since the file is not encoded thus... We will change that link to make sense...).

        Thanks for the info.   I finally tracked it down.  I needed some more privileges - I can run it as administrator and it works.     It used to work without that; it might be the funky extra text box that now appears on the bottom 1/4 of the video.   Older "Full Screen" videos used to work at this same privilege setting.

         Re: Terminology "Full Screen"- that doesn't matter to me - I just like the fact that it begins playing immediately and doesn't use as much bandwidth.  Newbies might find it easier to have the correct link though.

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      I'm glad guys that you support PHP. I see a little implication in open-source. Is there something that we don't know? Big Smile

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