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John Shewchuk and Dennis Pilarinos: BizTalk Services Explained

27 minutes, 58 seconds


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In this video, James Conard talks with John Shewchuk and Dennis Pilarinos about BizTalk Services.  

In the simplest definition, BizTalk Services simplifies application connectivity by extending WCF and providing a set of hosted services.   John and Dennis quickly explain BizTalk Services by discussing the challenges with building applications today.  Dennis also shows four demos of BizTalk Services and then drops into Visual Studio along the way to show the programming model. 

You can download the BizTalk Services SDK from http://www.biztalk.net


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  • Jonathan MerriweatherCyonix Me
    Cool technology, thanks for the video
  • David OliverSabot My name is Dave Oliver. I'm a Technical Architect

    That is an impressive demo!!! The potential of this is very far reaching specially in the SOA space.

    Anyway I have some questions if that’s ok, and they are …

    So what is the performance like?
    How far can I scale this?
    Can I get this to work with (W)WF?
    Can I do async or long running communications with this technology?
    Have you tried connecting this to Java and other non-Microsoft technologies?
    Isn’t calling this technology ‘Biztalk Connectivity Services’ going to get it confused with the full Biztalk product? Specially if there is no migration strategy from one to the other?

    I’m pretty excited about this … and I have a 100 more questions but that’s enough to be getting on with for now.

  • Jonathan MerriweatherCyonix Me
    Sabot wrote:
    Isn’t calling this technology ‘Biztalk Connectivity Services’ going to get it confused with the full Biztalk product? Specially if there is no migration strategy from one to the other?
    I agree it makes it confusing, if Biztalk isn't needed for this then why label it Biztalk.
  • David OliverSabot My name is Dave Oliver. I'm a Technical Architect
    Perhaps we can help out with some naming suggestions?

    Here are afew I've thought of ...

    .NetFX Discussion Services
    CakeCom ... because it's as simple as

    Gosh, I really hope this is in Orcas! My reasoning is because if it's there Devs will use it. If it's not many Dev's won't know of it's existence and try and write there own. If it's intention is to be free then why not bundle it in, hey it could even be another selling point (like Orcas needed any more!)

  • Thanks for the naming suggestions.

    As John and Dennis indicated, the project is nascent at this point. Given that it is still in CTP form, it can't be rolled into the Orcas release (Orcas in Beta1, moving to Beta2).

    Have you played with the Services yet? If not, I encourage you to check them out. If you have suggestions about the product, you can either provide feedback here or on the http://labs.biztalk.net site.

    I am composing a reply to your other post as well - have to check a fact first...


    Justin Smith
  • This video has me pretty excited about where this project might go, but I have one question about future plans (which I realize you may not want to talk about now, but I have to ask anyway...)

    How do you plan to deal with occasionally-connected clients to the ISB?  How will they get access to events published when they were disconnected?

  • There's really no architectural blockage that would stop us from eventually keeping an event cache around up in the cloud. As Justin wrote, the ISB is nascent, but you can let your imagination go and think of what the potential is.
  • This is an incredible technology! Thank you guys, this interview provided some great insights for me and I am sure for any developer who sees it.

  • Hi,

    I have to say that I am also pretty excited about this project.

    In relation to occasionaly connected clients, because ISB crosses over the internet it is a good point to raise the question of occasionaly connected clients and services.
    WS-Discovery could apply quite nicely. Standardized Bye/Hello and Probe/Resolve messages could offer a WS* compliant solution to provide presence awareness and discovery and as well a s ensuring interoperability.

    Are there plans to integrate WS-Disco in a later release?


  • Are you going to provide the Identity Service as installable service within ISB package, which can be hosted inside of an enterprise?

  • That is something under consideration further out, but it is not on the agenda for the immediate future.
  • JXTA provided that functionality long time ago.

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