Karsten Januszewski and Tim Aidlin: Floating Freely in Flotzam

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Karsten and Tim have created a really cool application that aggregates Twitter, Facebook, any social networking feed into a novel WPF-based UI. This was first shown at MIX07. They call their creation Flotzam. Check this out.

And for the developers in the audience, Karsten and Tim have provided the source code to Flotzam for you to play around with. You've met Karsten before on Channel 9. Tim is a designer in the DPE group who is responsible for much of the MIX07 design (cool stuff).

Flotzam is a great example of Designer/Developer application building that is enabled by some of our latest technologies (Blend, etc).



Web Services, WPF



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The Discussion

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    "Don't tweak my XAML, dude!"

    That was a fun video.  Nice job Charles displaying your engaging interview skills and congrats to Karsten and Tim on making a cool application and experimenting with the Designer/Developer workflow.

    Looking forward ot the next version Smiley
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    AdamKinney wrote:
    "Don't tweak my XAML, dude!"

    Ye, i laughed alot Big Smile

    Awesome interview. I wouldnt mind more like this Wink
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    Tim Aidlin
    It was a fun interview, and I was glad to be able to show off the app and talk about it a bit.  Thanks to Charles and the team.

    Karsten was awesome to work with and I'm hoping to work on more projects like this ...

    I love my job Cool
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    Anybody else think, from looking at the screenshot where someone's holding their fingers at each edge of the window, that this was going to be a groovy "Microsoft Surface" type demo.

    Don't get me wrong, Karsten and Tim's work is awesome, but I am a sucker for that Surface/FTIR stuff... it rocks!
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    NMStoker wrote:
    Anybody else think, from looking at the screenshot where someone's holding their fingers at each edge of the window, that this was going to be a groovy "Microsoft Surface" type demo.

    I must admit i also thought it could be a Surface app. But nevermind this rocks too Big Smile
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    I love the interview style for this kind of thing. Very relaxed and with humor. Smiley
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    Tim Aidlin
    As to the comments regarding this looking like a Surface application, since it's all written in WPF, it would be "very easy" to port to Surface.

    And by very easy I mean I actually have no idea how to do it, but I'm told that it's possible.

    Does anyone think it would be worth exploring?  What about being able to "grab" a panel, resize it, and automatically have more content appear in the panel as it gets bigger?  That's an idea I have for the next generation of this, but I thought I'd gauge interest in this functionality.

    Any other suggestions?  Karsten and I were thinking about opening this up for a "remix contest".  What'cha think?
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    I definetly thought that the video was about touch response.. since that vid cap is the classic resize pose.

    As far as it being an app for surface, I would think that in a bar.. as kind of an entertainment app, you could have the bar specify RSS feeds relevant to the particular place. For instance, a golf club house could have feeds off golf.com, ESPN, Tiger Woods myspace, etc.

    Interesting app.
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    Hot! ...when will the 90/180 day key be available for Blend, Aug.P? My 'trial' is about to expire. Wink  
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    Michael Jacobsen
    The surface port would be interesting to see.  Because, if it truly is "very easy", then WPF is definitely the next generation UI!

    The panel grab idea is cool too.  Dynamic content like that would be phenomenal!

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