Larry Osterman: Happy Birthday Channel 9!

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The Discussion

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    Handcuffs! Dude! Smiley
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    I'm sure this has been said before but WOW, all of the sudden I feel old!!! This just started up the other day!!. It's my secret that I evangilize to my peers; which given after 5 years ( really???) I see it as mainstream now!!. Good job guys!!! Really have appreciated the material you've contributed throughout the years (5...really??? they go soooo fast). Anywayz..Good stuff..


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    I would love to watch an interview with Larry speaking about some software engineering issues and sharing his monumental experience with us in native coding.
    For example, listening to him explaining us why they don't use C++ exceptions, or some discussions about subtle bugs he had to solve, etc.

    And, of course: Happy Birthday Channel 9! Smiley

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