Lynne Hill: Parallel Computing Platform - The Vision and Future

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Over the past few months you've seen several interviews with members of Microsoft's Parallel Computing Platform team and we've learned about tooling advances, managed support for parallelism (Parallel Extensions for .NET), and native support for parallelism (the Concurrency Runtime).

Here, we meet the leader of the Parallel Computing Platform team, General Manager Lynne Hill. Lynne is a veteran Microsoft leader, starting the Parallel Computing Team and builiding it into what it is today, a relatively large organization with many virtual members spread across the entire company. The Parallel Computing Team (and the industry at large, of course) have a tremendously daunting task: bringing parallel computing to the general purpose masses. The Parallel Computing Platform is in fact making significant strides in this area, as I hope we've made clear on Channel 9. Lynne tells us about the vision of her team, the history of the problem and the future of parallelism. She makes it clear that with the advent of much more computing power the industry is poised to invent some incredibly interesting technologies that will enable new classes of computation experience for computer users. Now, the problem of getting a grip on how to harness the impending power of many-core in reasonable ways is of paramount importance. Go Lynne! Go!




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    gp-gpu stuff is goign to be sooooo important.. gpus has an almost crazy amount of processing power (~1 teraflop for the radeon 4870X2 for instance) and if that could be used for anything..  woah.. Wink

    please pretty pleaase talk to the accelerator team  Smiley i know there's something going on in that space at microsoft, at pdc someone durng a sessionlet slip that the *mumblemumble* team are working on translating linq queries to soemthing that runs on the gpu :O the brian is workign on something super secret and brian is a genious and also somewhat involved in gaming..  joe duffy also mentioned that the pfx team was talking to the acceleratr team...

    man if im right, there's a super awsome announcement comign up..  hopefully soon Big Smile

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