Lynne Hill: Parallel Computing Platform - The Vision and Future

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    gp-gpu stuff is goign to be sooooo important.. gpus has an almost crazy amount of processing power (~1 teraflop for the radeon 4870X2 for instance) and if that could be used for anything..  woah.. Wink

    please pretty pleaase talk to the accelerator team  Smiley i know there's something going on in that space at microsoft, at pdc someone durng a sessionlet slip that the *mumblemumble* team are working on translating linq queries to soemthing that runs on the gpu :O the brian is workign on something super secret and brian is a genious and also somewhat involved in gaming..  joe duffy also mentioned that the pfx team was talking to the acceleratr team...

    man if im right, there's a super awsome announcement comign up..  hopefully soon Big Smile

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