MFC: Implementing handlers for preview, thumbnail and search filtering

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This is a short demonstration of new MFC features in MFC and ATL which help with integrating your application’s file type into Windows Explorer.  This is done by implementing handlers for preview, thumbnail and search filtering, all of which are implemented in an application generated by the MFC application wizard. Pat Brenner, MFC guru and one of the folks who design and implement MFC is your host.



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The Discussion

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    Is it possible to register the preview and thumbnail handlers for multiple document templates?

    My MFC app has 4 file types.


    Thank you



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    Pat Brenner

    Hi Vaclav,


    It is possible to register handlers for multiple document templates.  If you have an existing MFC application you can do this by adding an ATL project to your solution and then adding ATL simple objects to create handlers for each of your document templates.


    I'm planning to do a video of this (adding handler support to an existing MFC application) soon, but thanks for the reminder.


    Pat Brenner

    Visual C++ Libraries Development

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    Hi Pat,


    Thank you for the quick response.

    I am looking forward to your next videos.




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    nice sharing pat,..

    thank you for your explanation..

    I'm waiting for the next Video,.

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    Thanks for share the problem,.

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    Hi all,
    I have to develop my first serious application in native code (Compact
    Framework has been excluded for several reasons) that should run over CE.NET
    4.2, PocketPC 2003 and future versions (and possibly also over SmartPhones).

    I wouldn't write code directly with Win APIs, I prefer to use a library such
    as MFC / ATL / WTL but I have several doubts such as:

    - I read that WTL is a good library, that runs also on SmartPhones, but does
    it run also on CE.NET 4.2 (and future version, such as 5.0), or I have to
    modify it?

    - MFC doesn't run on SmartPhones and is bigger than WTL, has it got some
    features so that I should prefer it over WTL?

    Can anybody give me some advice to choose the right library?

    comlandcomputerslanditcomputer computerslookup batch

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    I have to develop my first serious application in native code (Compact Framework has been excluded for several reasons) that should run over CE.NET

    Just curious what your reasons were for not using CF. I've played around with it and it seems kind of slow. I can't escape the feeling that using it will end up that the first 90% of the app was really easy to do in it and the last 10% darn near killed me or wasn't even possible.

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    LOL i literally asked the same exact question yesterday. I didnt realize MFC doesnt run on smartphones. Good to know. Even if i statically link the MFC it worn run on the smartphone os?

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    nice short demonstration,.


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