MIX09: Workshop Clinics on WPF and Silverlight

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The latest of episode of Countdown to MIX09 features our very own Adam Kinney and Jaime Rodriguez. They talk about their sessions they’ll be delivering at the MIX09 Workshops. The workshop clinics will be interactive, in-depth and be held at MIX on Tuesday, March 17 from 9am – 5pm.

Did you see that headless dude playing a Djembe drum? Who could that be?

The Discussion

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    Is there a pre-clinic on getting our work on budging on getting some budget for sending people to MIX09 this year? Smiley
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    Tell them about the deep discounts! Hurry, though. The clocking is ticking... MIX09 will be worth the money spent. The event is really shaping up to be something very special from a content perspective. Check this out.

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