MSR Cambridge Tour: Machine Learning Group, Computer Vision and F#

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While in Cambridge recently to interview Tim Harris and Simon Peyton-Jones about the great work they're doing on Software Transactional Memory (STM), I got to meet some of the folks in the Machine Learning group (Christopher Bishop leads the ML research team and is a leading figure in the Machine Learning community, Ralf Herbrich thinks up and develops complex ranking systems like the ones used by XBox, Tom Minka is the guy researchers call upon when they need a super fast statistical algorithm and he's the guy who created the Expectation Propagation algorithm), as well as Andrew Blake, the godfather of Computer Vision research, and Don Syme, one of the key people working on the functional programming language, F# (you've seen him before).

There's a lot of incredible work going on in MSR Cambridge. Come along and meet some the people working on next generation computing technologies.



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The Discussion

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    Ion Todirel
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    Nice tour. I've been reading Don Syme's blog for a while, and looking at his videos on Channel 9 (and on the Lang.NET Symposium website). F# looks really cool, especially the interactive DirectX demos he gives.
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    I've been watching on and off all day long. The interview with the older gentleman in the middle is probably the most interesting part of this so far for me. I especially like the conversation that Charles was creating with the subject of computers reading our emotions, and responding to us through machine vision. I really am excited about the subjects in this video Smiley
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    Ion Todirel
    Maybe Charles is a bot and Chazz is an upgrade to Charles Smiley and C9 is a place to test it, just kidding anyway.
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    about time we had more videos with Limeys Tongue Out

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