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Talkin' C++ with Alon, Marius, Bruno, and Jim

24 minutes, 10 seconds


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Recently, MVPs from all over the world descended on Redmond to interact with product teams as well as each other. They were given access to information relating to technology futures, roadmaps, etc.—all the things MVPs are privy to. I spent some time at the C++ MVP summit where VC++ team members provided several excellent sessions. It was great to meet some of the folks who are so helpful to fellow developers and Microsoft. Thank you, MVPs!

This video features C++ MVPs Alon Fliess, Marius BancilaBruno Boucard, and Jim Berveridge. It was great to meet all of them and I really enjoyed the candor of this spur-of-the-moment conversation! Thanks to these great MVPs, both for helping their software engineering peers and for providing insight and feedback to Microsoft, helping us do the right things for C++ developers. Cheers!


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  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    If you rate something poorly (like this post, for example), it would be nice if you also posted a comment so I can get a more meaningful sense about what you didn't like about a given piece and do a better job next time. This is why I have never been a fan of ratings on Channel 9... Not enough folks rate and low ratings are never explained. It's all quite useless (for content makers).


  • Nice to meet all of you at the Summit!

  • ilcredoilcredo

    Nice to see more C++ talks, still can't wait for the next episode with STL.

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    @ilcredo: Next week! Smiley

  • Charles, you´re doing a great job to (Visual) C++ Community... Now, I´m very proud to be the only Brazilian C++ MVP Wink... You´re a key person in this C++ Renaissence stuff!

  • @Charles:
    Well i can guess it's because there's no real content of importance in this video.
    Just a bunch of sales pitches for why c++ is great and why people should become MVPs.

    The MVP deal is just another way for microsoft to do PR as far as i can tell.
    I see no incentive for me to become an MVP.
    Where's the carrot for me ?
  • new2STLnew2STL xkcd.com

    @Mr Crash: Well, its a chitchat with people around C++, developing it or supporting it in anyway, they are MVPs of Microsoft forums, you don't expect then begin to exalt and talk about how Vi are a nice editor, same way you not expect an interview with Android people and they begin to exalt Java ME. Perplexed

    It's a nice work @Charles, its good fill the gap between technical C++ videos while we wait for then. [edit]Only now I see hovering the mouse on starts rate the videos! Expressionless [/edit]

    I suggest people use more the Ch9 forums, for post comments, share code and experiments, I see it is well used for C#, lets C++ show on there too Wink

  • felix9felix9 the cat that walked by itself

    @Mr Crash: as Kate Gregory said, MVP is not a reason for you to be nice, helpful and passionate, its rather a natural result if you really are nice, helpful and passionate, and she will do what she is doing even if there is no such a MVP thing at all.

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    , Mr Crash wrote

    Well i can guess it's because there's no real content of importance in this video.

    Really? Perhaps you should press play and also listen.


  • @Charles:I wouldn't go as far as to say it's useless.  Most times when a consumer doesn't like a product, they don't tell advertiser.  This is a little similar to that.  So having a vote down button with no comment is definetely better than no vote down button at all.  That doesn't take away from the fact that if someone is going to vote down, it would be much more helpful if they also comment and explain why. 

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