MVP Summit 2011: Meet C++ MVPs Angel, PJ, Tom and Sheng

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Recently, MVPs from all over the world descended on Redmond to interact with product teams and fellow MVPs. They were given access to information relating to technology futures, roadmaps, etc. Al the things MVPs are privy to. I spent some time at the C++ MVP summit where several excellent sessions were provided by VC++ team members. It was great to meet some of the folks out in the real world who are so helpful to fellow developers and Microsoft. Thank you MVPs!

Here, we meet 4 C++ MVPs including MVP of the year Sheng Jiang. Congratulations, man!! Angel HernandezPJ Naughter and Tom Serface round out the crew. Great to meet you all!


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The Discussion

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    Ahhh, I use CSerialPort quite a lot !! Thank you PJ Naughter !

    and Jiang Sheng is really heapful, sooo knowledgeble, so much times I google some problems and found the answer by Jiang Sheng ! He even answered one of my question in MSDN forums by himself ! Thank you !

    Sounds like many C++ guys are seduced by the dark side (and vice versa, but which side is darker again ?  Tongue Out ), and they became the master of the yin and yang.

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    Don't take me wrong, but one year ago I used the VS forums for ask some questions and only get a mechanical response from Jiang (in fact 2 equaly written), I know my english is pretty bad, but I feel used for boost community points (each reply make you up 1 point and I see lots and lots of people double or triple post responses to get more points).
    I would prefer in that time they simple ask me for reformulate the question because he not understood it :(
    My question (I admit, hard to decrypt :s )

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    well, AFAIK, if a post is marked as answer in that forum it will show up both in the Answers section and also in the AllReplies section again. so if you read a page through you will often see some posts twice.

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    Fabio Galuppo

    Charles, you´re doing a great job to (Visual) C++ Community... Now, I´m very proud to be the only Brazilian C++ MVP Wink... You´re a key person in this C++ Renaissence stuff!

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    Tom Serface

    Great talking with you Charles.  Thanks for all that you do.

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    Great talking with you, Charles. Thanks for supporting MVPs and Visual C++ Community... It's highly appreciated.

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    PJ Naughter

    Long may the C++ renaissance continue.

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