Mads Torgersen, Donna Malayeri and Erik Meijer: (Re)Introducing Lang.NEXT

Play Mads Torgersen, Donna Malayeri and Erik Meijer: (Re)Introducing Lang.NEXT

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    Very interested to hear to what extent the 'managed' (in the broadest sense, and cross company) language folks presenting at Lang.NEXT this year acknowledge the movement away from computing platforms that are plugged into the wall for power. It's hard to ignore the runtime requirements behind some language designs and their implementations and unless one is specifically targeting server based logic, then not implicitly chaining users to their desks in order to use the functionality a language can potentially deliver is a major engineering design criteria for me these days.

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    Hey can't wait for Lang.NEXT, it's going to be great!!

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    Oh, Charles' taking revenge on the LtU ! Devil

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    @felix9: I really enjoy LtU (I spend quite a bit of time there...) and the great information shared among PL experts and enthusiasts. To be perfectly clear.

    I was talking about the general disdain among the base LtU community (and PL academia in general) for C++, in particular... It's in some sense irrational, rational, PL designer status quo, reasonable and unreasonable all at the same time Smiley

    Having 3 native languages - D, C++, Go - represented at Lang.NEXT is just great! Kudos to the event owners for being open minded and inclusive.

    Rock and roll.


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    Will there be any channel9 coverage for Lang.NEXT? I'm a language geek but I depend on channel9 for access and it would be such a shame if we didn't have some coverage for Lang.NEXT.


    nvm, just read the on the Lang.NEXT overview page that there be C9 recordings and interviews. Awesome!

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