Mads Torgersen and Kim Bruce - Grace Programming Language

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At Lang.NEXT 2012 several conversations took place in the "social room" and we captured some of them for C9.

Here, computer scientist and C# PM Mads Torgersen discusses the Grace programming language with legendary computer scientist and educator Kim Bruce, one of Grace's designers. How do you design a general purpose programming language that is primarily a language for learning how to program (eventually) in other languages like C++, C#, Java?

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The Discussion

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    Interesting talk, but not sure if an educational language is still actual these days. I mean, today's youth who are considering to pursue Computer Science already have hands dirt in C/C++, Python, Java/C#, etc...

    Other potential user base could be people from other disciplines who suddenly are in need to know programming - but this means they need an industry language (to solve some real problem in their real job).


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