Making Windows Vista Reliable: Introduction to Windows Reliability with Mario Garzia

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    The problem with the reliability monitor is that its kind of useless if you use your machine for development work.  My own programs are crashing, and I'm debugging them, and the more I debug my code the lower my reliability index becomes.  Is there anyway to better configure the reliability monitor for a development machine, such as ignoring certain app crashes, etc?
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    Charles, why are you always defending Microsoft?  Let the developers and PMs defend/sell their product.  You end up making yourself sound like a marketing head, instead of an unbiased technical interviewer.

    I believe the viewers want to associate with the interviewer in that we want to view a balanced dialog as we would have with the interviewee.

    I've been watching channel 9 since the very beginning, and I've always sighed when I've heard you sort of dwell on the selling points of the product rather than probe the corner cases.  I think Scobble did a good job of getting at those more interesting topics.

    Of course, I've seen that you're pretty sensitive about "Scobble did his thing, and I do my thing", but I think you can still be your own person and still learn from others.

    That's my constructive criticism for today.

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    Steve Richards
    I was taking a look at the reliability and performance monitor and I would love to aggregate this data from all of the PCs in my enterprise.  Or as a minimum aggregate at least the reliability index information.  Does anyone know how to do this,  or the name of someone to contact to get more information on how to do this?


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    Valera Zakharov
    Hi Steve,

    At this point, there's no good ("official and supported") way for 3rd party software to collect this information.   

    However, Reliability Analysis Component (RAC), the data provider for Reliability Monitor, does publish an event to the eventlog that contains the stability index for that 24 hour session.  The details of the event are as follows:

    Log name: Microsoft-Windows-Reliability-Analysis-Engine/Operational

    Event ID: 2005

    A full, official solution is being considered for future versions of RAC.

    If you have questions, feel free to email me at


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