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Ensuring that applications work well with Windows Power Management is a vital step in providing a solid end user experience and reducing IT energy costs. Developers need to ensure their applications are Energy Smart.

Here, we visit Mark Aggar, a Director in the Environmental Sustainability organization at Microsoft to get some insights into what energy efficient computing means and why it matters. Further, since Channel 9 is a comfortable place for developers, we discuss developing Windows applications that work in concert with Windows Power Management to effectively and efficiently use energy resources.

In some sense, energy efficient computing, like trustworthy computing and software security, is a journey that will continually evolve over time. The concept of energy smart software has only recently hit the general purpose computing mainstream. Of course, in the IT world, system administrators are always trying to maximize energy efficiency in large datacenters and have energy conscience for a some time. But what about developers?

NOTE: The Adobe Flash Player power management issue Mark mentioned during the conversation was fixed in version 10.1 and you should update.



The Discussion

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    Mr Crash

    lol aw did the lawyers tell you to add that note about flash ?

    It's not like it would matter, flash have so many bugs and issues that it wouldnt matter.

    If flash were a dog i would put it down, thats how many problems flash have.


    But then again i can say the same thing about silverlight (aka craplight) so i guess it's common, sad fact.

    ( Where did all the good programmers go ?!  Sad  )


    about the remote connecting issue

    Have you (mark aggar / microsoft) talked with the hardware makers about this network switch issue.

    I mean adding uneccessary hardware to workaround an issue is just wrong and lazy, not to mention the energy that additional piece of hardware would eat up



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    No. Mark wants to ensure folks know it's a bug that has been fixed. No need for lawyers...


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