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The Discussion

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    Mr Crash

    lol aw did the lawyers tell you to add that note about flash ?

    It's not like it would matter, flash have so many bugs and issues that it wouldnt matter.

    If flash were a dog i would put it down, thats how many problems flash have.


    But then again i can say the same thing about silverlight (aka craplight) so i guess it's common, sad fact.

    ( Where did all the good programmers go ?!  Sad  )


    about the remote connecting issue

    Have you (mark aggar / microsoft) talked with the hardware makers about this network switch issue.

    I mean adding uneccessary hardware to workaround an issue is just wrong and lazy, not to mention the energy that additional piece of hardware would eat up



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    No. Mark wants to ensure folks know it's a bug that has been fixed. No need for lawyers...


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