Matthew Podwysocki and Bart J. F. De Smet: RxJS Today and Tomorrow

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The Discussion

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    Excellent post.  I need to watch it again because I really liked what was being said.

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    Catherine Smith

    Awesome, can't wait to give it a try.

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    Oh, looks like Rx.NET is going 2.0

    And they are hiring a PM,

    Kudos to Rx team.

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    Always great to see Erik Meijer!! .. btw .. Rx is a great technology ... 

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    To take Charles point about what to do with Rx further, I often hear "you guys get a new technology and treat it like a hammer and then try to treat everything else as a nail whether it is or not." To that, well of course! How else can you learn something without living it for a time, to know what it is and how best to use it. That being the case, Rx seems like "well you don't need it until you try and do x, y or z..." That's the learning curve problem with Rx, there are not enough nails around to go bashing with it. The tutorial series was a start but like the All-In-One project, how about list somewhere of examples of how Rx can solve problems and maybe like I suggested to the All In One group, accept request for scenarios and show how Rx is best to solve them.

    Any way, keep on with the documentation, but examples of solved problems is just sometimes better for us dark matter developers.

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    Could you include a link off to the github repo?

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