Michael Fruergaard Pontoppidan – Model driven development in Dynamics AX

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Did you know that Microsoft ships a cool business application that manufacturing and distribution companies use to run their business. The name of the application is Dynamics AX and Michael will take you inside Dynamics AX to you about the innovative model-driven architecture that was created to make this application very easy for partners to customize and extend for individual business and country requirements. The interviewer is Arthur Greef who is also an architect on the team.





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The Discussion

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      Nice video. Finally we see some Dynamics videos on Chanel 9. When will they release other Dynamics product videos?
    MS is moving the 5 Dynamics platforms to one product, and I've heard that it is going to based on Dynamics AX. Each one of these products have their own language. x++,C/Side,Dexterity, and I don't know what solomon is using VB? How are they going to move them C#?

     As you said there are 5 mil lines of business logic in AX and, I'm sure the other products have the same number of code, Also each of these ERP have their own table structures.  There probably more than 1000 tables in each of these products. Each of these products have their own Virtical solutions with hundreds of  new tables and 1000's of line of code.

    Also all of these ERP systems are targeted toward middle market.  Ax is targeted toward middle to upper Market. Could Ax compete agains SAP? I'm sure it's happening everyday, but will it be capable to be used by MS themselves?

    Based on MS the final Product is 3 years away. And during that time they'll make the UI look the same, so customers wouldn't notice the difference, but developers and solution centers, will pay the price. I hope MS is thinking of them. Smiley
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    Evironment for "lord of the mice"... Big Smile

    Axapta, aka DynAX, is... crap. Honest IMHO.

    Why? Too complicated, incredibly poorly documented, buggy and unfinished, too hungry for resources, expencive in sale and implementation. Hellish software. But not worst software ever (we still have SAP and "Oracle PeopleSoft JDE").

    PS: I'm Navision aka Dynamics NAV addict! Smiley

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    but developers and solution centers, will pay the price. I hope MS is thinking of them.

    Beleive me... NOT! Nobody in MS thinking about developers! I'm in Navision 6+ years. After acquisition by Microsoft things becomes worse.
    MS thinking about sales and ricing prices only.

    "will pay the price".... Oh, yes indeed, we are paying...
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    After last "price review" total license amount becomes 45-75% higher! We are  just loosing customers. In my country it's VERY difficult to find new customers because of "market overloading" (there is no such words in american marketing!)
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    Hi ara3n - thanks for the feedback. I just wanted you to know that we at Microsoft are thinking about our customers and partners and we appreciate the feedback
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    Hi BlackTiger. Thanks for the feedback. It is great to hear how much people like Microsoft products. I just wanted you to know that we hear your pain and we in Dynamics AX are working hard to remove them. We just published an Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 book to provide developers with more information on how to develop in MorphX.
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    It's a pity MS won't release Axapta as a development environment for writing business apps. Doing this sort of work in C# is a long winded affair. MS Access has seen its days.

    Perhaps they should make AX available as a developer tool with the option to buy the MS ERP modules separately.

    Right now AX is still too expensive for many companies that could make excellent use of such a system. In a lot of cases, the ERP is overkill, but being able to develop something from scratch in such a well suited environment could be awesome.

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    To Channel 9 team.

    The link to the video file is broken.
    Please restore one.

    Thank you in advance,
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    >It's a pity MS won't release Axapta as a development environment...

    It's a pity MS won't provide IntelliMorph like technology in Visulal Studio.

    A short description:

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    Comming from ASP.Net and some years with system developement, I find this screencast to be one of the best starting point to learn what developing in Dynamics Ax is.

    From here I recommend viewing some of these publifications:


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