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    First reply, w00t!
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    Michael Lehman

    Just a reminder...

    As I said in the video/podcast...  if you have any questions about podcasting, please reply to this thread or click on the email link on my profile (UltraGuy) and I'll do my best to give you the best answer!

    - Michael Lehman | UltraGuy

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    Deactivated User

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    Yo Bro, Am watcing your V/PodCast as I write this. Very cool. You look good on camera. Though the pixels are kinda fuzzy Sad Actually it seemed the camera was focused on the background and not the subject. (you) ... Lots of great info/content. I may even get inspired to do a podcast. Hmmmm... gotta get a theme though. I just got a M-audio — Microtrack 24/96 for one of my clients - Seems I may need to get one for myself. Or I could just hook up my 16 track Tascam Vintage analog mixing board to my Mac and do some serious post production in Sound Studio 3. Keep up the great stuff.. Your Brother Steiph [ Lost in Decatur ] somewhere near HotLanta Smiley
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    Isn't "Microsoft Podcasting" something like patronizing the competition?  Sleeping with the enemy?  Smiley
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    Opus wrote:
    Isn't "Microsoft Podcasting" something like patronizing the competition?  Sleeping with the enemy? 

    I don't suppose you've ever heard of how copying is the most sincere form of flattery ? The wonderfull thing about letting users CHOOSE what is the best way of doing things is... redundant actually.

    For instance:
    DRM sucks, and restricts users.
    Open Formats (really open, not just a stamp that says 'open') allow users to do what they _want_ with content.
    Open Forums allow users to say what they feel about a product/service/whatever, instead of just a 'poll' that is worded with bias.

    Just like people commenting here, you are not 'sleeping with the enemy' by talking about or using podcasts, beit audio or video. You are showing support for something that interests you, and defining 'cool' instead of drinking the companies 'cool' aid.


    Nice segment by the way. I'm wgetting it to a few 'open' boxes right now. Smiley
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    Very Interesting. 

    The channel 9 site gurus are doing a bang up job.

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