Mitch Goldberg: Where Research and Products Meet - Who Drives Who?

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Microsoft Research Cambridge turned 10 years old last week. Happy birthday MSRC! I was lucky enough to have been there and was able to conduct several interviews with some of the many unusually intelligent and passionate folks who think about the future of computing and the role computation plays in every aspect of our lives (from new interactive devices that promise to make the business of home life more interesting and less stressful, tools and methodologies that will help Microsoft quickly respond to industry changes (can you say many core?) to understanding, via accurate modeling, incredibly complex biological and ecological systems).

Here, I catch up with Mitch Goldberg, Director, who has the really interesting and enviable job of connecting Research with product teams and helping to ensure that the great technologies coming out of MSR make their way into real products. This technology/algorithm sharing is known as tech transfer.

The relationship between MSR and Microsoft's product groups is stronger than ever. Mitch explains how the relationship "works", the interesting dynamics between the hard-schedule-based product teams on the one hand and the non-product-release-driven scientists on the other. What recent Microsoft products contain MSR Cambridge research technologies? Tune in.



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