.NET Framework++: Moving Forward and Staying Compatible with the Past

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    good stuff Smiley

    crazy idea on my part, maybe you could vaccum codeplex and download a bunch of projects from there and do a compilation to see if there is a diffrence between 3.5 and 4.0 Smiley tools might be able to catch all compilation errors though..

    but maybe you could lookup tests [in the codeplex projects] and run the tests and see if you get diffrent results from 3.5 and 4.0 Big Smile a tool to do that automatically would make a really awsome intern project Smiley

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    WF is radically different how do you guys address that?

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    I actually used to work for a company that, after spending months trying and failing to solve compatibility and deployment issues, eventually gave up and started shipping their software only in the form of entire preconfigured desktop computers.

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    Seriously, WTF is WF, or should I say WTFWF?

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    workflow foundation=wf

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    One thing that I would love if Microsoft did is create an APIs in .NET that enabled you to CRUD Excel, Word, or PowerPoint documents without the need for PIA.  A managed and thread-safe library, that would be amazing!  There are a few libraries which do that, but to have that brough into the fold would be nice.

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    Have you been following the No-PIA information on Channel 9? See this and this.


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    @aL_:like a filter ?

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