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    Ion Todirel
    i'm first, more and more .NET.
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    Charles, you said you would post links to the blogs. Where are they? Wink

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    Nice.  I did not understand the server side issue.  IMO, the case for .Net on the server side is even better.

    1) Locks are faster as they are user mode w/ no kernel mode switch like you would have with a native mutex.
    2) Sockets are the same.  Small pinvoke overhead with buffer copy on reads/writes, but that is probably not major.
    3) DB query and update is same as you need sql client in both.
    4) Listen loop is the ~same.
    5) Threads work great in .Net.  No faster, AFAICT, in native code.
    6) Things like System.Threading.Timer are just thin wrappers.
    7) It is tons easier to write and debug.

    You would need to write it and test for actual perf, but a .Net server exe should not be a general perf issue.  BizTalk uses .Net on server side.  Did you find a specific issue that was too slow or something you could point to?  Did you try the /clr switch and try the server?

    Second, could you post a snippet of general idea on how you are doing exceptions to capture the idea you where talking about (i.e. compare/contrast the first way -vs- the way you now use with anonymous delegates).  That would be helpful as I did not fully understand from the description.   Thanks guys!


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    MOM's .NET SDK is pretty nice. You can automate a lot of stuff with it. We use it at my company (www.opalis.com). We also build other connectors to lots of systems like MOM and we are announcing similar integration with Monad at MMS. Come check us out if you are there.
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    Chadk wrote:

    Charles, you said you would post links to the blogs. Where are they?

    Here they are.
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    I'd also like to hear specifics on what the server side performance issues were. I think the ASP.NET guys would probably cringe if they heard someone say that about .NET. Seems like kinda a bad mixed message for Microsoft to be sending... ya know?

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    I think there is some misunderstanding here. The performance discussion was around the team's experience dogfooding early versions (unreleased) of the Framework. Nobody is saying that ASP.NET is not performant...


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    Brijesh!  Cool to see you.  Smiley  Remember me from the early days of MOM at MSFT?  .NET rocks, of course, so glad to see big visibility for its use with MOM.

    Jon Schwartz


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    He didn't say anything about ASP.NET's performance directly, but here's a quote from about 3:23 into the video:

    "So we have the MOM server component which is essentially all native code, 'cause we felt that .NET was not quite ready for a full server side implementation yet."

    That's what I'd love to hear further details on. Why isn't it ready?

    I only brought up ASP.NET because what it sounds like he's saying there is that the performance of the CLR isn't ready for server side implementations. Clearly that could be perceived as somewhat of a mixed message since ASP.NET is a server side technology that provides some amazing performance over competing technologies.


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