Natasa Milic-Frayling: Research Partnerships and Knowledge Exchange

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Microsoft Research Cambridge turned 10 years old last week. Happy birthday MSRC! I was lucky enough to have been there and was able to conduct several interviews with some of the many unusually intelligent and passionate folks who think about the future of computing and the role computation plays in every aspect of our lives (from new interactive devices that promise to make the business of home life more interesting and less stressful, tools and methodologies that will help Microsoft quickly respond to industry changes (can you say many core?) to understanding, via accurate modeling, incredibly complex biological and ecological systems).

Have you ever thought about the how to preserve digital media? It's not an easy problem. It's one issue that Natasa Milic-Frayling, Senior Researcher and mathematician and team work on in partnership with companies, libraries, universities, goverments. Natasa runs Microsoft's Research Partnership Program, which is a collaborative enterprise of cross-industry knowledge exchange to solve industry-scale problems.



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    Good to see ya live again Natasha Smiley .. i've met Natasha at Jordan in 2005 and we had a dicussion about Microsoft Research center in Campridge. MS R&D team has emphasized it's creativity through releasing product that match clients requirements worldwide.

    At that moment we were discussing MSN Earth, MSN Search engine enhancments along with Microsoft Rich user experience in the upcoming OS which was Vista.

    I really enjoyed the show, Wishing Natasha all the best with the team their.


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