Office Communication Server and the Unified Communications Platform

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Ever heard of the Unified Communications Platform or Office Communication Server? What do you think powers applications like Office Communicator? Yep.

Presence detection is a hard problem with many levels of possible granularity. Am I online or offline? Am I online for a select few and busy for evrybody else? Am I on my way to the airport to pick up a friend? You get the idea.

Here, Kyle Marsh (Principal Program Manager, UC Platform Team), Jose Calev (Software Development Engineer, UC Platform Team) and Chris Mayo (Technical Evangelist, UC) discuss the Unified Communications Platform SDKs and writing communications enabled solutions that run on Office Communications Server 2007.



The Discussion

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    So what's involved in making this talk to the outside world?  What sort of hardware is involved to make it talk to our existing trunk lines.   Does it replace the existing PBX in the sense of managing hunt groups etc?
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    Hey, there are several PBXes on the market that can talk directly with OCS thru a Mediation server (which is an OCS server role). If your PBX is not that fancy, you can purchase a SIP-enabled Media Gateway and put it between the Mediation server and the PBX.


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