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Meet the Office for Mobile Devices team and check out Powerpoint for Windows Mobile 5.0!



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The Discussion

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    Looks good but I doubt the usefullness of having powerpoint in a pda. I mean com'n how many people are going to enjoy that presentation on a small screen like that? Sure, if the presentation is made for just one user, it's swell and all.

    At any rate, my next phone is going to be a Windows Mobile 2005 I reckon. IF the prices on the hardware comes down to a more "reachable" level Big Smile

    A tip to who's holding the camera. Try to not say "ok" every time someone says something. It sounds like you're stressed to me. Smiley

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    Nice presentation, could use better audio quality. Get ‘em a better camcorder. Smiley

    I suspect this is one of the most indecipherable parts of Excel for the average human being: cell ranges. E.g., Sheet1!$A$1:$B$3. Can it be fixed? Is there hope Obi Wan?

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