Open XML SDK CTP Released - What is it?

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Today, Microsoft announced the public availability of a set of managed libraries, samples and documentation for programming Open XML in a manner .NET developers have grown accustomed to (writing applications in Visual Studio, programming in C#, etc..).

Chris Bryant is a Senior Product Manager on the Office Platform team (and Darth Vader fan). Here, we chat about the Open XML SDK, what it means for Office developers, general purpose programmers, mom and pop. We also touch on why Open XML is interesting.

In a subsequent interview on this topic, we will be interviewing Brian Jones and Doug Mahugh, who are the de facto Open XML gurus, to dig into the details of Open XML and the world of possibilities it opens for both software developers and Office document users.



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    The Discussion

    • keeron

      So what happened to the CodePlex project? I looked at the object model for Word and it's similar to the one they were doing.

      It'd be nice if MS was the only one doing this (considering they are now), so that we don't have different frameworks out there trying to do the same thing.

      Lastly, this is awesome! Like to see some real world examples of this, but I could imagine people easily using this in ASP.NET apps.

      Also, has anyone tried (or planning) to "read" a Word document (or excel, ppt) using these APIs instead of just creating it? Let's say I want to open a word 07 document inside my Application and not use / embed Word activex control. Since it's all XML, can I do it? I know I'll be duplicating a lot of functionality, but if i'ts a document I just created, I probably know how to display it. Maybe as a "preview" or even editable view.

    • aL_
      cool Smiley ive been looking forward to this sdk as i do alot of excel doc generation.. i just have a small problem.. ive been looking around for a good hour now and i cant for the life of me find a way to read or write the vaule of a cell.. i seem to be able to do everything else Smiley but not read and write cells.. i assume its possible but i havent found a way to do it.. (without reading the xml into an xmldoc and modifying it)

      where do you post feedback btw?
    • keeron

      From the blogs:

      Use this for feedback.

    • patrickyong

      I have gone thru the getting started tutorial on the SDK, and I found that the APIs are still very XML centric with stream writing and reading and some manipulation of XML object. It would be great if the SDK is more document centric with just Document and Part plus a general write/ read method.

    • DarthVista
      I just want to say, for the record, that is NOT my helmet on the desk.
    • pilotbob
      Where's the DEMO?!!! Show the code guys... this is Channel 9 after all, isn't it?

    • rasx
      I'm still reading the SDK reference and am failing to see the most primal, straight-forward "server scenario" emitting a portion of a Word document as XHTML.

      I look forward to an honest reponse to this request instead of (as in the past via Brian Jones) doing stuff like:

      • Concluding that you do not understand what I'm talking about.
      • Assuming that XHTML features must provide some bizarre petfect fidelity and round-trip-ability instead of emitting a subset of the Word document.
      • Pretending that you did not read this post and suppressing some strange historical "low-priority" relationship with HTML in particular and the Web in general.
    • rasx
      Here's an actual question:

      Is there the equivalent of the XpsDocumentWriter.Write method in the Open XML SDK?

    • Charles
      pilotbob wrote:
      Where's the DEMO?!!! Show the code guys... this is Channel 9 after all, isn't it?


      You will see code in upcoming Screencasts on C9. Plus, there will be more OpenXML videos in the near future. Stay tuned!

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