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    Looking forward to hearing more buzzcasts!!!

    For those podcast listeners out there who own a Pocket PC or Smart Phone, check out smartFeed my MS Mobile Podcatcher (smartfeed.org).  It is a free download, and I am looking for guys and gals to kick the tires... what better way to kick the tires than to subscribe to and consume the buzzcast!


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    Zeo wrote:

    Can you get people to talk about why PDC will be cool, exciting, and interesting for developers looking at Whidbey even tho it will still be in Beta?

    Hi Zeo,

    Have you looked at the preliminary list of session titles?  That's I think the best answer to what will be exciting about PDC in terms of our content.

    I also had a series of blog posts a few months back about PDC from my perspective as this year's content owner.

    If that doesn't answer your question about what's interesting about PDC, maybe you can provide a few more details about why you think PDC might _not_ be interesting, and I can address those Smiley
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    Just a little test of posting a reply to a podcast... apologies for the noise.

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