PDC08: Parallelism Track and PreCon with Stephen Toub

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Parallelism will be an important theme of PDC08 (http://microsoftpdc.com/). You'll want to get up to speed with the current state of the art in parallel computing patterns and platform technologies like the Task Parallel Library, Parallel Extensions for the .NET Framework, etc. This is where a the Parallelism PreCon comes in. Spend all day with experts in parallelism (Joe Duffy, David Callahan, Steven Toub) and learn about what you can do today to take advantage of multi-core machines. Here, Stephen Toub makes a brief pitch for the PreCon in Parallelism.



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    Stephen and Joe have impressed the hell out of me.  Their teams ability to look at a problem space, describe it clearly and produce code that works well in that domain is nothing short of incredible.  Keep up the great work guys!


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