Puneet Arora: sneak peek into IE7's cool new browsing & security enhancements

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Puneet Arora and the IE7 team give us a sneak peek into IE7's cool new browsing & security enhancements plus what's up with the new IEAK. Interviewed by Kaushal Karkhanis.



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The Discussion

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    I want that newer build of IE7 for XP. Beta 1 feels dated now! The UI looks much improved!
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    I'm very interested but I cannot understand a word.

    Pleeeze get these guys a better video camera and microphone... Expressionless
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    I agree the sound quality is the poorest ive seen on here so far.Perplexed
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    Till VS.NET 2003, if one wanted a truely browser neutral ASP.NET app, one had to place all the server controls within a HTML table. Otherwise the UI would look alright in IE, but skewed in other browsers.

    Ideally IE should work and render an ASP.NET page JUST the way Firefox or Opera atleast logically (alignments ) would,  so that the ASP.NET developer does not have to place  a table as a parent to all the server controls in that page.

    I hope this will happen atleast in the future (if not IE7).


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