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Ernie Booth caught up with Michael Matrick and Roger Sanborn of 90 Degree Software to talk to them about their new software Radius.

Radius is an innovate new reporting environment from 90 Degree Software created using .NET 3.0 (WPF & WCF) and utilizes the Office 2007 user experience making reporting more approachable to users of all skill levels. 

They are able to create new reports and use existing reports all based on the Report Definition Language (RDL).  These reports can then be distilled down to the individual report components into an object library for re-use and re-purposing.  Users are able to search for, and share these report components with their colleagues on peer network enabling group based reporting.  Reports can also be published to Reporting Services providing web based access of these reports by information consumers.



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The Discussion

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    Very intreasting video.

    Was the whole app a WPF app?  If so was the ribbon bar a third party control library, if so who's?

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    There actually is a WPF ribbon control as mentioned in this blog entry. Don't know if it's the one shown in this video, though.

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    I doubt it's the same... I am using the original (winforms) library from DevComponents and also part of their beta testing for WPF library and the one in the demo doesn't look like the one I am working with currently. Their first Beta just came out today and it's not really usable (for an app seen in the demo).

    It'd be interesting to know what they used - a new WPF library, something they built from scratch, or one of the managed ones (like DevComponents) that are out there.


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    Nice app. It really is! Smiley
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    Can't remember where I read this, but apparently the ribbon element is not WPF based. The rest of the UI, including the window chrome, is WPF though.
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    Hey all,

    We're currently using (winforms) DevComponents for the ribbon bar.

    Hope you liked the video!


    90 Degree Software

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