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    Very intreasting video.

    Was the whole app a WPF app?  If so was the ribbon bar a third party control library, if so who's?

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    There actually is a WPF ribbon control as mentioned in this blog entry. Don't know if it's the one shown in this video, though.

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    I doubt it's the same... I am using the original (winforms) library from DevComponents and also part of their beta testing for WPF library and the one in the demo doesn't look like the one I am working with currently. Their first Beta just came out today and it's not really usable (for an app seen in the demo).

    It'd be interesting to know what they used - a new WPF library, something they built from scratch, or one of the managed ones (like DevComponents) that are out there.


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    Nice app. It really is! Smiley
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    Can't remember where I read this, but apparently the ribbon element is not WPF based. The rest of the UI, including the window chrome, is WPF though.
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    Hey all,

    We're currently using (winforms) DevComponents for the ribbon bar.

    Hope you liked the video!


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