Rajesh and Vijay: Life at Microsoft Hyderabad

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Kaushal Karkhanis continues his journey through our Hyderabad campus. This time he has a candid discussion on work-life at Microsoft's India Development Center Campus & nightlife in Hyderabad with Rajesh and Vijay.





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The Discussion

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    Hi Microsoft,

    This is a message to the HR guys at Microsoft, India. I don't understand what the tech's speak most of the time. They are terrible with their english.

    A software developer should not just be adept at coding, he should even interpret his ideas in an understable fashion.

    You guys should recruit those who are fluent and not those who can speak 'just' english.

    A message even to Kaushal, mate you need to improve your directing skills. Show empathy when you speak as:

    "Hi, How you doing? I am from Channel 9. What is your portfolio...? Would you care to share your views and so forth......"

    Don't make a mockery of microsoft, india and indians internationally..

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    crackerjack is very much right !!!!!!!
    Though I feel developer are not meant to speak much Big Smile
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    @crackerjack (Anil) Apologies for the sound quality - there was some construction work going on around Yepp, I'm not a super director. in fact this was one of my first shoots. i'll improvise, or have someone else do it next time. On diction skills - this varied from person to person. some people are too conscious of the camera and fumble even at the most simplest words. Also, this one is a candid shoot, most of the others are technical and I'm sure you'll love those. Thanks anyways for the feedback and let me assure you it'll be taken seriously.
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    Hi Kaushal,

    Good on you mate. I also would like to bring to your notice that the channel 9 home page says there are 29 videos included under the tag "India" whereas i find, if i am right 27.

    Well that needs to be updated mate.

    Anil Narayanan
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    Hey Anil,

    The fact that you are using "mate", quite often in your replies suggests that you are greatly influenced by the australian or british style of speaking, but given it a thought if microsoft agrees and employ only fluent candidates, it would be without Chinese, European and middleEast techies. Indians are far better then these BUD.. so mind it before posting a RUDE reply.

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    Hi Anil,
    You can say your comments but it should be in polite manner. Don't under estimate anyone with their talk. Don't criticise others.

    Actually he did well in his first interview. Great.


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