Ramkumar Perumal and Suresh Kalimuthu: Infopath 2003

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    The sound on this video is very bad. Is there any way that it can be cleaned up so that we can hear it?
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    Hi raj i need help badly pls help this case how to solve in infopath 2003 with database?

    sample follows, sorry, I have no idea to describe
    that any better

    Logic :

    1) "Level1" is shown by default (i.e Checkbox Group "Headline"
    2) If one or more "Level1" Checkbox is flagged by the user, the
    corresponding sub entries should appear and allow defining the choice even
    more explicit. One or more Checkbox may be flagged, even all.

    Samples for a "Level1" (using products to make it more easy):
    -> Server Operating System
    -> Desktop Operating System

    Samples for the corresponding "Level2" when "Level1" is flagged:
    ->Server Operating System
        --> Windows Server 2003
        --> Windows 2000 Advanced Server

    Samples for the corresponding "Level3" when "Level1" AND one or more
    "Level2" option has been flagged:

    -->Server Operating System
        --> Windows Server 2003
              --> RTM
              --> SP1
              --> SP2
        --> Windows 2000 Advanced Server
              --> RTM
              --> SP1
              --> SP2
              --> SP3
              --> SP99

    i wan to do this dinamically using database pls help me how to do this?

    all levels should be from database and dinamic, pls help the logic how to write the code. thanks


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