S. Somasegar (Soma): Introducing Visual Studio 2010 RTM

Play S. Somasegar (Soma): Introducing Visual Studio 2010 RTM

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    2000 BEEP!  Haha, I actually laughed out loud Tongue Out

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    Soma, you and your group did such a wonderful job with this release! There were a lot of things that really snapped into place at the right time. Whatever process you used to get this one out the door, I would stick to it.



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    I know, it sounds lame, but any word on SourceSafe service pack for VS2010 integration? Blushing






    Edit: Never mind, SourceSafe 2005 plus update for VS2008/Vista integrates in Visual Studio 2010 as soon as you have opened a SourceSafe managed project. Thanks.

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    I've been using VS 2010 + .NET 4.0 + C# 4.0 since they first Beta (almost a year before), and I'm very pleased that finally they're now officially released.


    But what I like the most is that all these stuff is not anymore the "future" but the "present" technologies. So now we can advance to talk towards a new set of "future" technologies, tools and improvements.


    In particular, I'm very eager to see Anders Hejlsbegs talking about the new C# 5.0 (or even a new language if the changes are too dramatic to be ensembled into our loved C#), considering its PDCs and TechTalks comments about Compiler Services, Metaprograming, Immutability features.

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    Too much of a good thing can be wonderful, Excited to work on it....  Wink

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