SPLASH 2011: Sam Tobin-Hochstadt - JavaScript Modules

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Sam Tobin-Hochstadt is an associate professor at Northeastern University. Sam focuses on a variety of programming language research projects including Racket (and Typed Racket), Fortress, and JavaScript—the focus of this conversation.

Sam is collaborating with Mozilla Research and the ECMA TC39 standards committee, helping to evolve JavaScript. One of the areas that he's been driving for the next version of EcmaScript (aka JavaScript...), known as Harmony, is JavaScript Modules.

What are JavaScript Modules? Why are they necessary? What's the idea? How do they work? What's next?

Tune in. Thanks for joining us on Channel 9, Sam!

Recently, Channel 9 was invited to attend the great SPLASH conference. What is SPLASH? Systems, Programming, Languages and Applications: Software for Humanity. A big thanks to the SPLASH event organizers for inviting me and my camera to engage some key computer scientists and engineers in geeky, fun conversation! SPLASH is a great event! I learned a ton and met many amazing computer scientists and students.

SPLASH is an annual conference that embraces all aspects of software construction and delivery, and that joins all factions of programming technologies. Since 2010 SPLASH is the umbrella for OOPSLA and Onward! [source=splashcon.org]



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