SQL Server and Siebel Smart Client Integration

Play SQL Server and Siebel Smart Client Integration

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    That young guy in the bad suite with the awful tie, really should have shut up.

    Sible dude: yadaa yadaa,Big Smile
    Bad Suite : Who are you. Introduce yourself! (totally cut’s him off)Perplexed
    Sible dude: I did introduce myself …:O
    Bad Suite : You did not !Sad
    Sible dude: I’ll do it again.Wink
    Bad Suite : Expressionless

    Totally threw him off his game. The first time in my life I felt like throwing my big mac, as hard as I could at my computer screen.

    Anyway good video, but after that episode, the grey suite just bugged me for the rest of it..

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    Who's interested in software that can only be sold through management because they have absolutely no clue about what's happening; then confronted with mega consultancy fees because the product doesn't do what was promised and they can't say no anymore because they are afraid to lose their jobs?

    No Siebel, Peoplesoft, Baan, SAP etc. video's anymore please.

    Doctors orders!

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