Scott Hanselman: Value of Writing Windows PowerShell Cmdlets

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Scott Hanselman from the Corillian Corporation and  fame explains why his company wrote Windows PowerShell cmdlets to simplify the on-going management of their financial applications – Corillian Member Advantage -- 25% of the people who bank online in the USA touch a Corillian system. Jeffrey Snover, Architect of Windows PowerShell, and Scott discuss the need that Corillian had, the fast development process, the architecture underlying the application-specific cmdlets and the value of the cmdlets to both Corillian administrators, sales force and its customers.





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The Discussion

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    Good interview.  It is helpful to see how PowerShell is being utilized out in the wild (and in a commercial application no less).  BTW I have a bit of hard time with verb names also.  I think that it is really helpful to have a list of verbs and the corresponding PowerShell verb e.g delete/erase --> remove.  In fact, this might be a handy cmdlet to have (Get-StandardVerb -name delete --> remove).  However I think we might be a bit too stingy on the number of verbs.  Trust me, I don't want to see the verb list get too big but something like search (or find) is just such a common concept that one of the two (search or find) should be a verb IMO.
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    I just watched the TechEd keynote and from the demos of some of the system management applications, it looks like that are exporting commands/processes as Powershell cmdlets for reuse/scripting which is very cool.  Just going to watch the video to find out more about them Smiley
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    Very cool video!  Sounds like an awesome system and excellent use of the technology.  Shame more companies aren't open for which enhancements.  Love the use of VM.  Definitely need to look at powershell.

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