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At TechED 2007 Developer, I was lucky enough to get to spend some time in the Virtual TechED Fishbowl with Connected Systems team members Steve Swartz and Clemens Vasters and professional speaker/author David Chappell.

Steve, David and Clemens are a great trio to get together for heady conversation. For one thing, Steve and Clemens are experts in the area of digital communication software machinery (things like Internet Service Bus, Enterprise Service Bus, WCF, Software + Services, etc, you know "connected systems" and the underlying componentry that make it possible for distributed software systems(that are often unrelated in terms of platform technology) to communicate effectively and efficiently).

David has some great perspectives on many aspects of technology and he's regarded as one of the best technical speakers around. So, who better to get together than these three stars to dig into the notion of software services and finally explain what the hell "Software + Services" means and how it relates to Internet/Enterprise Service Bus, WCF, SOA (David provides a great definition for SOA in this interview), REST, etc. Is there really one definition for "service"? If not, why not? Service sures seems to be an overloaded terminology...

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