Ulrik Molgaard Honoré – Production planning with Dynamics AX

Play Ulrik Molgaard Honoré – Production planning with Dynamics AX

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    Interesting... Navision has a planning tool, but the traceability is lacking, which Axapta looks like definitely has. It makes it a lot easier to figure out how the planning engine decided to do something.

    I haven't seen GP, but I'm curious, when Dynamics will combine the products, what feature of each ERP system will they pick?

    I'm sure every one of 4 ERP system have their weaknesses.
    What kind of weakness does the planning engine have?

    Does Axapta support kitting, just like BOM where you need to ask the customer for example a few questions like what color the paint should be etc?

    If yes, how do you setup the questionnaire. Because you could have multiple questions and the answer of first question could change the second question or options etc.

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    Very interesting video, thanks!

    Can you also link customer information or previous production information to the 'planned order' window where you 'firm' the order?

    Like some automated function which gives you information about:

    - This customer is very imporant to our organization, you are allowed to order 1 pcs of each extra to make sure there are no delays. Or the other way around, we don't make that much money from this customer order by a strict number.

    - On the previous orders we wasted around 6 item of B, so you are allowed and need to make sure you order some extra items otherwise we buildup a too high time risk for the next order in line.

    Or is all this sort of things handled in the overnight planning?

    When would you choose to use Dynamics AX and when Office EPM? Is Dynamics AX more for use in factory situations, where you produce a product from different subproducts that might come from other suppliers. And Office EPM for situations where the subproduct are mainly created by knowledge workers in your organization or outside your organization?  

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