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VC++ 2005: IDE Tips and Tricks


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Boris Jabes, a program manager on the VC++ team, sits down with Charles to discuss some tips and tricks for VC++ developers using Visual Studio 2005.

We discuss many of the new features of VC++ 2005 as they relate to the IDE and in general(debugging enhnacements, semantic additions that make it easier to write managed C++, etc).

C++ developers will be excited about many of the improvements in VC++ 2005, many of which, of course, were derived explicitly from user feedback...


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  • Really good interview.

    You guys should put up some kind of cheat sheet with the most usefull keyboard commands somewhere.
  • Wonderful interview. VERY interesting stuff here guys. I really learnt a trick or two.

    If a VS VC++ team member drops by this thread, I would like to know if there is any information, good or bad, about support for VC++ being added to the VS Class Designer (as supported for C#, VB.net etc).

  • Good talk. I still though a straight answer wasn't given by the speaker to Charles' question about whether a single member in a class can be managed (whereas everything else in the class is unmanaged). What's the answer? Is it possible or not?
  • Jeff Sandquistjeffsand Inch by Inch
    BenZilla wrote:
    Really good interview.

    You guys should put up some kind of cheat sheet with the most usefull keyboard commands somewhere.

    Sounds like a great use of the C9 Wiki. Wink
  • jsampsonPCjsampsonPC SampsonBlog.​com Sampson​Videos.com
    BenZilla wrote:
    Really good interview.

    You guys should put up some kind of cheat sheet with the most usefull keyboard commands somewhere.

    ILoveJackDaniels.com is developing a VB.NET cheat-sheet. Their previous sheets are excellent.
  • I would also love to see the snippet feauture work for c++.....
  • jsampsonPCjsampsonPC SampsonBlog.​com Sampson​Videos.com
    ...Why does it feel like I'm the only one standing during this interview? Smiley
    Maybe the next interview should be eye-level Smiley

    Other than that, this is an awesome interview.
  • I always like ctrl-i (incremental search) as well as ctrl+space. One thing I miss in VS2005 is the ability to ctrl+shift+ left arrow and then only select part of the word (like Eclipse does):

    justAnExample would only select Example and the next tab on the left key would select AnExample. It's also useful with ctrl+backspace as I hardly ever use the backspace one single time, it's usually quicker to delete the entire word and retype it Smiley.
  • Trackerball, I was definitely not trying to skirt the issue, it's more that I was not always expecting those questions Smiley The short answer to your question is this:

    - a managed class (ref class A {}) can only hold pointers to native types
    - a native class (class B {}) can not hold a managed handle directly, instead you should use gcroot<T> as follows:

    #include <vcclr.h>
    using namespace System;

    class B {
       gcroot<String^> str;   // can use str as if it were String^
       B() {}

    int main() {
       B b;
       b.str = gcnew String("hello");
       Console::WriteLine( b.str );   // no cast required

    I hope that answers the question. If you want to learn more, I gave a talk about interop at Tech-Ed and I have some posts about it over at http://blogs.msdn.com/borisj.

    -- Boris

  • jsampson, I totally agree! I hope people don't think I'm depressed or something Smiley It sure seems like I'm feeling down and my hair gets a fair amount of screen time... Ah well, the joys of C9!
  • I made such a cheat sheet, but for VC#. I put in ont the desktop as a web page, lock it.

    Just hit Windows Key + D to peek, and again to continue coding. In less than a week I had learnt many of them.

    Chances are you also use VC#, so here's my two bits:


  • abkrinoabkrino Time...Time There is always no TIME
    wow i had the honor to meet this guy and chat with him at MDC07 i didn't know he was that famous Big Smile:D
  • PonPon
    Charles seems so disinterested.

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