VSTO SDK -- John Durant and Svetlana Loksh

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Meet the Visual Studio Tools for Office team. Why did we go and see them? Because they used .NET to build VSTO itself and we wanted to hear what they thought. It turned into an interesting discussion about making VSTO, though. Hope you enjoy it!!



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The Discussion

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    Actually, it's an old series that failed.
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    Is it just me or is the audio kinda low?

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    You guys should REALLY think about purchasing some wireless mic's -- so that this doesn't EVER happen again. Think about the effort & time in $ that went into this video & have 99% of people turned it off 90 secs into it. 'Cuz clicking the X button is heckuvalot easier than messing w/ your volume dials.
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    You'll notice much better volume in the next generation videos for C9. This is an old video. The newer ones I shoot will be much improved, from an audio perspective.
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    This video must be a bit old.  There is little mention of VSTO v3.  The VSTO people talk about how they are examining options for the next version for office 2007.  Since the V3 CTP was released last month, this video must be several months old... too bad..  I want more info of VSTO v3.
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    Could someone please post the URL to the example "gems" mentioned in this video?

    I understood Ken Getz and gotdotnet.com

    I searched there for samples. 100s of postings by Mr. Getz
    but could not find the sample.

    Would be very grateful for a link!


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