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Meet some of the key folks behind the Async CTP, which contains a preview version of C# and VB.NET that contain two new modifiers, async and await (and iterators for VB.NET!), that will make it much easier to compose asynchronous code for .NET. Great work, C#, VB and Parallel Platform teams (and Don Syme and the F# people)!

In this interview you meet Avner Aharoni, Mads Torgersen, Lucian Wischik, Stephen Toub, Alex Turner and Lisa Feigenbaum.

Please play around with the CTP and let the teams know what you think.



C#, VB.NET, Async CTP



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    The Discussion

    • Miroslav​Parvanov

      I want to say a big THANK YOU to Anders and the whole team for their amazing work. I needed that asynchrony feature so bad. This is a HUGE step forward. Thank you again, you are my heroes!

    • Immo Landwerth

      Can you provide the names of the people? It is sometimes hard to correctly understand the names of the people. However, I like to search for the names on the web to find related videos or blogs.

    • Charles

      Hi Immo,

      In this interview, you meet Avner Aharoni, Mads Torgersen, Lucian Wischik, Stephen Toub, Alex Turner and Lisa Feigenbaum.


    • Immo Landwerth

      Thanks, Charles! :-)

    • Ion Todirel

      was this made in 41 by any chance Charles? familiar faces... when you're in 41 come by and say hi Smiley

    • Charles

      @Ion Todirel:Building 40, actually. Conference rooms are scarce on a Wednesday afternoon. Building 41. Ion. Interesting Smiley


    • Wim Bokkers

      I very much like this feature. It simplifies async programming a lot. Many thanks to the team.

    • Jon Harrop

      Great to see C# adopting this fantastic language feature from F#. We've been using asynchronous workflows in F# for several years and they really are tremendously productive!

    • Michael Cramer

      This is a game changer. It still requires some learning curve for people that didn't do it the old way, but for those who have tried to do this kind of thing for a long time, this makes it so much easier. This is the type of functionality I was looking for almost 20 years ago when I started learning VB. It seemed logical to me that the OS was already doing this kind of thing behind the scenes, why not give me a way to easily take advantage of that in the language. I'm so happy to finally see this in a language.

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